eCommerce Solutions


Building your store

At Kalaris, we employ professionals to build functional eCommerce stores. We ensure your store will be YOURS by involving you in the design, development and setup process.


If you want to create an eCommerce store with simple features, quick delivery times, and on an affordable budget, we will leverage WordPress' WooCommerce platform to make that happen.


Shopify provides the flexibility to build the custom store you want, while ensuring it's infinitely scalable. If you're looking to launch a high-end, feature packed eCommerce store, Shopify is your choice.

We look out for businesses that have varying eCommerce needs. WooCommerce and Shopify provide the highest combination of coverage for types and needs of businesses when it comes to the eCommerce space. WooCommerce may be the right choice for budget-conscious businesses looking for a small eCommerce store, whereas Shopify is infinitely scalable and provides the platform for a fully custom eCommerce store.

Prices will vary based on platform used, size of store and features. Our WooCommerce offerings generally start at around ~$2800 CAD whereas Shopify offerings start upwards of ~$3500 CAD. We also offer potential clients based in Ontario assistance with applying for the CDAP micro-grant to ease pricing. Deadlines also vary anywhere from 2.5 weeks - 2 months.

We do! We partner with eCommerce marketing specialists to grow your store, maximize SEO and ad efficiency, as well as conversion rate optimization to maximize the number of visitors turning into customers.

We take pride in making your eCommerce store truly yours. From the very beginning, we learn about your brand and vision and take it into account when building the first draft of the store. We take your opinions and requirements into account when planning, building, setting up and delivering the site.

Let's work together

Using experienced developers and marketing specialists, such as those working at Kalaris will ensure you're not leaving digital client conversion and marketing opportunites on the table. Contact us and let's talk about how we can get you results online.