We are Kalaris. We love building great brands & digital experiences.

Web design & branding to boost your online presence.

Online marketing services from SEO to ad campaigns.

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Who We Are

Passionate designers & marketers.

Based in Toronto, our team aims to create breath-taking websites that optimizes user experience and fulfills client goals & demands.

Custom Web Design

Unique websites using industry-leading strategy to not only impress any visitor, but to also leave a lasting brand image. Our custom websites boost visitor conversion rates and offer a true digital experience.

Off the Shelf

Pre-made websites tailored specifically to your brand. Fast delivery times and competitive pricing paired with all the benefits of a website that will blow your competition away.

eCommerce Solutions

Using WordPress or Shopify, we build stunning eCommerce stores and set up your website for maximum small business growth and ease of use for your customers.

Brand Building

We don't stop at websites, our brand identity design process, including graphic design, will deliver consistency throughout your company and ensure visitors and clients remember you.

Digital Marketing

We grow your company's site and digital presence through search engine optimization (SEO), digital ad campaigns, online reputation management, and more.

Full-Service Providers

We're so passionate about our products that we offer website hosting & maintenance packages, ensuring your site is always up to date and online.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We deliver results.

Our team loves what we do. We nurture relationships with brands and we don't stop until the job is done and our clients are completely satisfied. Don't take our word for it:

Step 1.


Consult with our developers and fill out a form so we can see your vision. Then sit back and watch it come to life.

  • 15 minute video or phone consult
  • Two step onboarding form
  • Opportunity to revise your requests
Step 2.


We build your website, dotting all the I's and crossing all the T's.

  • Regular development updates
  • Focus placed on your brand vision
  • Revise design requests at any time
Step 3.


Once your website is completed, we make it as easy as possible to hand it off or set it up.

  • Domain & Hosting Assistance
  • All site files provided
  • Final chance at site review
Custom Bespoke

Websites you've never seen.

That's because you haven't. We build original custom websites designed to your needs and tastes. And we make it easy for you.

We employ a stress-free, minimum step process to deliver you the website of your dreams, all starting with a quick 15 minute consult.

Get a quote.

Help us plan, price & execute your next project. Simply shoot as an email and we can schedule a call or provide an estimate.

Off the Shelf Websites

High quality, pre-built Kalaris websites for your business with rapid delivery times.

Hosting and maintenance

Taking away the hassle of running a site

Don't have the time to set up and manage your website? Kalaris has you covered. We offer competitively priced hosting & maintenance packages.

With various perks and benefits, we guarantee 99% uptime on our hosting servers and daily availability for site content updates & bug fixes.


$35 / mo

Competitive Pricing
  • Site Upload & Hosting
  • Domain Setup
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Control Panel Access
  • Free SSL
  • + More

$89 / mo

Starting at
  • Content & Feature Changes
  • 7 Day Developer Availability
  • Monthly SEO Updates
  • Monthly Security Overview
  • Monthly Site Health Overview
  • Error Monitoring & Fixing

Frequently Asked Questions

Building your brand's online presence is no small endeavour. Here's some questions you may find yourself asking us.

We're a Toronto / GTA (Greater Toronto Area) based web development and marketing agency consisting of marketing specialists and developers with decades of combined experience. We're passionate about what we do and you'll come to find that we place a high priority on perfectionsim - we don't leave anything unfinished and we don't cut corners.

We prioritize client satisfaction and love to build meaningful and long-lasting relationships with who we work with. A finished website doesn't mean that's the end of our partnership together. We employ multiple people on our web development and marketing staff, and work with various teams to provide industry-leading eCommerce, digital marketing and Search Engine Optimization services.

We price our websites and services according to our quality of work, but we attempt to stay as competitive as possible. An exact number is tricky to answer, as an exact figure is determined by how many pages a website has, it's more advanced features, and whether it's a fully custom bespoke website from us or based off of an Off the Shelf offering. eCommerce websites are subject to an increased price. When paired with other services, such as graphic design or brand building, a project's price can also increase.

Generally, our Off the Shelf websites start at an extremely competitive rate of $900 CAD, custom bespoke websites at $1400 CAD, and eCommerce websites range from anywhere from $2800 CAD to over $5000 CAD. This isn't taking into account other services such as graphic design, brand refresh, SEO, and other marketing services.

If you wish to get a proper estimate for your project, feel free to contact us and schedule a call.

Here at Kalaris we work with all types of businesses. Our portfolio includes those in the construction / contracting industry such as custom home builders, but also B2B businesses such as consulting agencies and product photography specialists.

Our Off the Shelf website offerings reflect the clients we work with the most, so you'll find templates for construction businesses and various B2B and B2C businesses.

We've never turned down a business in any industry, whether it's a custom 5 page website or custom eCommerce store, so feel free to contact us and see how we can work together.

Unfortunately we generally don't take on such projects. As websites are complicated collections of potentially thousands of lines of code, numerous files and third party services, it's extremely difficult for any developer to learn and understanding a website's architecture in order to fix it.

The best alternative we provide is to offer your existing site a fresh facelift, updating any outdated architecture and provide a new design structure (if you so choose). The price of such a project will come out similar to the price of a custom bespoke website from us.

We strongly believe they are. Setting up your site for the first time or simply managing the hosting of it is a time consuming task and something you can get easily mixed up doing. Our developers specialize in hosting websites and we only host on the best servers that provide over 98% uptime, ensuring your site is almost never down.

Our maintenance packages ensure that your on-page SEO is as good as possible and up to date with monthly trends, and guarantees that there is always a developer available to add, remove or change content and features on your website 7 days a week.

For each of our clients, we assign you a project manager, someone who has significant web development and client experience. They coordinate the development of your website and update you on it's process, take note of your requests and ensure they are conveyed just as you want them to be.

For custom websites and eCommerce projects, our Creative Director and one of our company's co-founders, Patrick, generally takes on the role as the project manager to ensure your complete satisfaction and that your website's vision is fully realized.

We do! Kalaris has a dedicated team led by our Marketing Director, Sebastian, for any digital marketing solutions you may need. We work with various teams to provide industry-leading search engine optimization services, properly developed ad campaigns and even online reputation management. We don't personally do social media management, but can always recommend you to our partners who offer such services.

We do! WordPress is a fantastic platform for websites for many scenarios. We find that most people would better benefit from a website made from pure HTML/CSS/JS code, which is what we offer in our Off the Shelf websites and custom bespoke websites, but we leverage WordPress for features such as blogs.

Building and operating an eCommerce store or platform is a very complicated endeavour, but Kalaris attempts to make it as easy as possible for you. We can build and set up your online store. We leverage platforms such as WordPress' WooCommerce or Shopify to do so, based on what is required from your store and your budget. Feel free to contact us and schedule a call so we can get to know what you need for your eCommerce store.

Let's work together

Using experienced developers and marketing specialists, such as those working at Kalaris will ensure you're not leaving digital client conversion and marketing opportunites on the table. Contact us and let's talk about how we can get you results online.